This is one of my favourite rockabillys festival in France. This festival is held just outside of the medieval village Allassac. There is a big rockabilly community in this part of France. This year the festival is set on 22/23/24 May. The crowd is amazing and there is plenty to see, girls looking at their best in dresses from the 50s, it is like stepping back in time. As Jennifer Greenburg explains ‘From bankers and laborers to teachers and doctors, there is ‘not just one type of person who joins the Rockabilly community’.

‘Some participants make their living inside the culture, but most have the same gamut of jobs that all people have. There is no trend,’ she explained. ‘Some dress at work to blend into the generally culture, some do not. Some have a hybrid way of dressing that is just toned down and not necessarily identifiable as 1950’s.’

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On the site there are barbers, clothes stalls and a flea market selling 50s items, you can even get a tattoo, a nice souvenir. There are plenty of bands on and a DJ battle. There is also a car/motor show on display and you will see people proudly presenting their passion, the photo opportunities are endless.

The entrance is really reasonable E10,- for a day pass, there is even a the possibility of camping on site if you wish to stay for 3 days.

So if you want to look the part follow this style advise and get ready: