I must say I am impressed with the transformation of the old paper factory in Uzerche.The location is stunning next to the river vezere, the site still has the look & feel of the ancient paper factory. For this area it is a very good development as it will attract more tourists and improve the cultural heritage of this area. The exposition area is beautiful, however all information on the archeology is all in French. On this site you will also find a book & tea shop.

Restoring old industrial sites

Whether for a living museum, cultural center, or a space for public readings, the Total Foundation helps communities and associations renovate historic French industrial and handicrafts sites. These entities convert old structures into innovative and attractive public spaces. In partnership with local players, the Foundation thus participates in creating a new dynamic in the regions of France.

Converting an old factory into a contemporary space, sponsoring a local art exhibition, helping a foreign artist enter an artist-in-residence programset up residence in France – all these projects belong to the array of Total Foundation actions. The governing principles for all of them are to promote inter-generational and inter-cultural exchanges, share cultural heritage, familiarize all publics with art.

The Total Foundation sponsored 300 000 euros into this project, transforming the old paper factory into a beautiful cultural centre.

The Uzerche paper mill was established in 1893 by Mr Royères, along the river Vézère in Limousin. From the 1930s, its production was moving towards the manufacture of cardboard. Redeemed repeatedly, the factory was finally closed in 2006, and the site quickly fell into wasteland. The industrial site of Uzerche testifies the production of paper used for more than a century, and is an integral part of the history of the city.

To effectively achieve these objectives, the Total Foundation works in close collaboration with French cultural institutions and with the Fondation du Patrimoine (national trust for historic preservation).