This new museum will shed light on the various tapestries produced in Aubusson over the centuries. A luxury product, and traditional local craft, Aubusson tapestry has been forged by five centuries of history. It is listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Further to a call for tender to design the Cité the project was awarded to the firm Terreneuve teaming with museographers Paoletti and Rouland.

The most famous tapestries in the world, “La dame à la Licorne”, were discovered at the Château de Boussac in Creuse.

Located in the former Ecole Nationale d’Art Décoratif, the Cité houses spectacular exhibits, in three times the space. It also plays a role in development, training, support and communication. 700 sq.m are devoted to “La nef des tentures” designed like a theatre to showcase exceptional contemporary creations. Recent contemporary output has been exhibited against a novel backdrop. These works include “Peau de Licorne” by Nicolas Buffe and “Confluentia” by Bina Baitel and were produced further to calls for tender launched since 2010. The outer façades feature striking colours with textile cladding and wooden beams, boasting clean lines in the manner of a multi-coloured cathedral.

Contact details:
16 Avenue des Lissiers, 23200 Aubusson, France Tel. : +33 (0)5 55 83 08 30