One of my favourite spots, and not known to many people. Another magical place where you can have endless walks and around each corner there is something to discover. 

The chateau of Chaufaille is located in the commune of Coussac Bonneval. It extends on almost 200 Ha.It is composed of wood, ponds, green spaces and many architectural buildings, including a castle and a neo-Gothic Chapel. The set was built by a family of notables of Coussac between 1640 and1850.

The site was purchased by the commune in 1974, which made it a field of military manoeuvres. Access to the public is then prohibited for obvious reasons of security and confidentiality. Many buildings were destroyed in the past for the needs of the army. The property was then sold by the Ministry of defence to the community of Saint Yrieix. An extensive program of maintenance and valuation is undertaken since.
Chaufaille is open to the public.
Tip: Bring a picknick, walk the dog or just go for a lovely walk.