I just love artist Jurga makes these sculptures of children with so much emotions they almost look real. How lucky are we to have one of her sculptures displayed in Uzerche, just behind the church. Her name is Lilou. Check out her work on her website or Facebook page, you just can’t help falling in love with her work.

Les Ateliers Art about Jurga:
Creating larger size type of sculptures has always been a great passion for this sculptor. For Jurga, this is an art form through which she can bring more life, fervor and liberty to her surroundings and space. Jurga, was born in Eastern Europe and she is known to many for artwork is rich in emotions, letting nothing get passed her. Her techniques express, from the moment she lays her hands on the clay, bubbling energy as she works with passion to translates it into beautiful, vivacious and unique sculptures that you can see for yourself, in our Gallery.

Tous les personnages de Jurga fascinent par leur vitalité, la justesse incroyable de leurs attitudes, de leurs expressions et de la superbe sensation d’humour, de charme et de simplicité… que des échos manifestes de la réussite d’une sculpture on ne peut plus figurative et néanmoins parfaitement de notre temps.

All of her sculptures are characters that emanate vitality, incredible accuracy of a human being’s various attitudes and their expressions, be it of great feeling of humor, charm and simplicity, or thoughtfulness, serenity… echoes we all feel at one point or another and they are timeless.

Art Critic : André Ruellan

How can one not succumb to the charm of these fascinating terra-cotta sculptures …their rough surfaces bring an undeniable reality to humanity and life itself. We are captivated by the saga of her characters / sculptures…they stand there like statues yet they convey with great success such evocative power, but with such simplicity, tenderness, gaiety and even sometimes sadness.

The sculptures’ expressions, gestures, attitudes reflected through Jurga, demonstrate her profound knowledge of beings from all walks of life and all ages; she is a genuine designer of infused talent in the art medium of sculptures not always simple to ensure it immortality

“Jurga herself is always very moved by the expressiveness of her characters, especially children because they truly are difficult to convey through sculptures.” Source: http://www.lesateliersart.com/Home/GuestArtists/JurgaArtist.aspx