Old Yew Tree next to the school in Vigeois.

The European yew (Taxus baccata) a European tree being able to grow for thousands of years. The tree is often planted near graveyards in Celtic areas allowing to reach old age, and is often used in horticulture. There is one yew (Taxus baccata) in Rue de l’If in Vigeois.

This yew is behind the church and is nearly part of the playing ground of the school. It makes it difficult to measure the yew. A plate next to it states that it measures 10.00 metres. The book “dialogues avec des arbres Remarquables en Limousin says 9,9 metres. Some people estimate the age of the tree at 1400 years. It is said that the yew was planted on a churchyard in the VI th century. The churchyard is apparently made smaller en it is located at the other side of through going road.

The girth of the tree is 9.90 m measured at a height of 20 cm (2007, Wim Brinkerink). Its height is around 14.00 m (2012, measurement taken from info sign near tree, on which the exact measurement method is not elaborated, Wim Brinkerink). This tree was planted around the year 900 ± 300, which makes it around 1113 ± 300 years old (Wim Brinkerink, Sep 6, 2012).