Ségur-le-Château is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, when visiting you can not miss visiting this beautiful spot. In the summer months, the local fete is on a Monday evening, here you can enjoy experiencing the french life and get a sense of a village where time has stood still. Ségur-le-Château is a 30 min drive from Vigeois.

Ségur-le-Château is situated on a peninsula formed by a loop in the River Auvézère and is, as its name says, a “secure place” in which the Viscounts of Limoges chose to set up their fortified castle. Although only a keep of that 12C building remains today, many noble houses with turrets or half-timbering bear witness to the opulent period the village lived through from the 15C to the 18C when it was the seat of an Appeals Court extending jurisdiction over 361 seigniories in the region.

Information : Tourist Office – Tel : +33 (0)5 55 73 39 92