Visit a unique museum in France which is protecting a vast gallo-roman house vestiges, the Vésone Domus. Opened since 2003, in the heart of archaeological and plants park, Vesunna offers a 3000 m2 itinerary of permanent presentation of antique Perigueux.



In the long entrance building, two balconies offer a spectacular view onto the archaeological site. Collections illustrate the prosperity of the ancient « Petrucore » administrative centre : the city and its inhabitants, the great monuments, the architectural surroundings, the dead world, religion, trade.

Sculpted stone blocks found in re-use in the late Empire rampart are this collection cultural wealth which has been built up since the XIX th century : architectural elements, inscriptions, funerary monuments… Three models reconstitute the city, the Tutella, Vesunna temple (Vesone Tower) and the amphitheatre dating from our era IInd century.

Impressive museum well worth a visit! After visiting a fair number of Roman sites it was refreshing to see such a wonderful display. The facility is a large building that allows the artifacts and remains of the buildings to be displayed to there full potential, protected from the weather and elements. The fresco’s recovered are colorful and give a real feeling of the time. The whole display is reasonably price and can be enjoyed at your leisure. Well worth the visit. -trip advisor 

On the footbridges laid on the archaeological site, objects explain the site and the main elements of everyday life in corresponding spaces : washing and finery in the thermae, the meal close to the kitchen, the heating in a room heated with a hypocaust system.

 Murals discovered on the site at the time of the excavations have been replaced on the walls, among which the famous fishes painting in the middle of the garden.


An audio guide is proposed to adults and available in five languages: French, English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Adult groups

Guided tours are offered on appointment to adult groups of more than 20 persons. The rate includes the admission + the guided tour. Reservations are necessary.

Disabled people

Vesunna is completely accessible and equipped of an elevator.

Gallo-Roman shop

Reference books, cookery, books, literature for young readers, comic books, glassware, pieces of ceramic, postcards… Vesunna shop, specialized on Gallo-Roman era, offers you a large choice of books and facsimiles.

Around the museum

Vesunna is located in the heart of very pleasant landscaped gardens; many activities are organized during the summer, allowing you a relaxing break.

VESUNNA, site-musée gallo-romain
Parc de Vésone
20, rue du 26e Régiment d’Infanterie
24000 Périgueux
téléphone : + 0033 (0)5 53 53 00 92
fax. : + 0033 (0)5 53 35 40 12

A city under the city